Haughey Memorials

A beautiful granite monument is the most lasting way to honor your loved one for all time. And with limitless options for color, design, and engraving, you can create a truly personalized memorial. Please contact us at 607-936-2800.

Haughey Memorials is a full service monument studio here to help you honor and create a lasting tribute to your loved one. Our facility is located at 312 Park Avenue in Corning, across from Hope Cemetery.

We offer granite monuments, markers, civic and private memorials, pet memorials and urns. We have most colors and styles of granite onsite to help you make this lasting memorial special. With our computer program, you have an accurate picture of what your memorial will look like and cost. With our state-of-the-art sandblast production equipment and diamond tip portrait etching equipment, we can design and engrave your memorial in-house with unsurpassed craftsmanship.

A Memorial should be selected carefully, reflecting your devotion to your loved one. As a trustworthy builder of personalized memorials, we recommend that you make an informed decision after proper care and counsel. While the process of selecting a memorial may seem difficult at this time, we recommend that you do not delay your decision but discover the satisfaction found through expressing your love and devotion. A beautiful granite memorial is the most lasting way to give honor to your loved one for all time.

Haughey Memorials

Phone: (607) 936-2800

312 Park Avenue
Corning, New York 14830

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