This section contains useful information about the benefits of pre-planning your funeral, pre-payment options, and our online pre-arrangement form.


About Pre-Planning

The process of making plans for your own funeral - or that of a loved one - well in advance of need is called Pre-planning. Planning ahead gives us the opportunity to prepare for future events of importance to us and those we love. It also makes sense to plan for that which is inevitable. Funeral preplanning includes writing out and setting up a permanent record of your wishes. The written expression of your thinking as to the type of service, burial location, and other details is very important, along with your written record of vital statistics. Many people also choose to pay for their funeral in advance. To Prefund is an option that more people are choosing because it allows you to consider cost-effective options at a time when you are better prepared to make sound, fiscally responsible decisions.

There are many benefits to preplanning your funeral for both you and your loved ones. Some of the benefits include: Your family and funeral director will know exactly what your wishes are and you will have the opportunity to research and really think about your options rather than your family trying to make these important decisions at difficult time. We plan all other important events in our lives, like weddings, graduations, etc. Planning a funeral in advance provides the same benefits and peace of mind as planning other important events.

Pre-Payment Benefits

When you pre-pay with our funeral home, your funds are placed in a burial trust account – in your name and in trust to the funeral home– and will accumulate interest. The funeral director will make sure you are fully informed about each payment so you will know that you have made the right decision for you and your family. When you pre-pay, interest accumulates to help off-set inflation.


Haughey Funeral Home, Inc. is a full service funeral home, offering monuments, markers, and memorials. We have an onsite display for selection, style, and color at our monument studio located at 312 Park Ave, in Corning.

You choose the style, size, lettering, and the designs that you want, and reflect you or your loved one best. With our special monument designing software program, you will have a printout of the monument you have designed to see what it will look like. A Memorial should be selected carefully, reflecting your devotion to your loved one. As a trustworthy builder of personalized memorials, we recommend that you make an informed decision after proper care and counsel. While the process of selecting a memorial may seem difficult at this time, we recommend that you do not delay your decision but discover the satisfaction found through expressing your love and devotion. A beautiful Memorial is the most lasting way to give honor to your loved one for all time. For guidance in decision making, please call Haughey Memorials at 607-936-2800. We would be honored to help you.

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